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I need your help identifying some of the people shown in these pictures.
Please email any additional names using the numbers on the picture captions

UPHA Fund Raiser 1980
Horse Fair at Summit Mall

1. Dick Kearney, Owen Price, Rene Lavery, Gloria Edwards,
Stanley Edwards, Cheryl Sperie. Richard Lavery with back turned.

2. Dick Lavery

3. Dick & Pete Lavery with Lonnie at the microphone above.

4. Kendra St. Charles and ???, Jim Lahood
Rene Lavery, Phil & Conkey Price, Ron Hewitt

5. Gloria Edwards receiving roses and diamond horseshoe ring from Dick Kearney

6. Hope Gates

7. Dick Kearney and Tom Ferrebee shoveling tanbark.

8. Linda Radtke

9. Lonnie with ?

10 Lonnie Lavery, Gloria Edwards and Jim Lahood.

11. Nola Morgan

12. Paul, Kendra and Tracy St. Charles

13. Rene Lavery with Lindsay on her pony

14. Mrs. Stachowski and her minis

15. Tom Ferrebee

16. Tracy St. Charles and Erica Bord?

17. Vanity's T-bird, the raffle horse donated by Dick Lavery
Held by Vickie Ackerer(?), with Paul St. Charles and Dick Kearney.
Won by Mary Lilley of Kent, OH.