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2018 Officers & Directors 

President:  Michael Cunningham
1st Vice President: Stacey Bare 
2nd Vice President:
Todd White

Treasurer: Alan Brindle
Membership Secy: Alan Brindle
Directors: Stacey Bare
Alan Brindle
Jennifer Cunningham
Michael Cunningham
Kelli Dreher
Anita Noebe
Jill O'Hara
Todd White
Alexandra Wingfield
Banner Supporters for August
Below the 2019 new banners are rotated some from last year.
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2018 Banners rotating we get more 2019 Banners
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Horses may be current or former... It's YOUR banner.

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Only $85 for a 2'x3' vinyl and Kathleen does all the work (or you can do your own design).

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or by phone after 3PM ~ 330-278-2417
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